What My Nephew Taught Me in his Absence

tumblr_lyw1u3n3LZ1r8ob74o1_1280It is mind blowing how one’s absence can be painfully felt.
This time it was my nephew’s.  He left me feeling dreary;
I felt sadness flowing through my heart’s arteries at high speed.
I was surprised as to how a young baby’s absence can leave a space million times his being.
I instantly missed him as he bid me farewell:
He was sad to leave, I was sadder.
I wondered if that’s how good memories are made- Out of mixed emotions:
After the good time’s gone, when you look back with a wistful smile, wishing to go aback.
I kept seeing his face and hearing his voice: his presence I yearned,
I watched videos that we took at the park, except  they  seemed to enhance the nostalgia,
If there’s one thing I learnt a lot is that: One can neither preserve nor hoard moments.
I figured that: the more blissful the moments are, the more shattering the longing becomes.
I believe it now; time does fly when you are having fun.


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