The War


The war, the terror.
The trembling hearts when an AK47 fires in close range
the blood spatters, tainting the innocent walls.
The departure of the body from its soul,
as the nine-millimetre bullet permeates through the dull skin
crushing the bones and leaving the body bloody cold.

O’ the cries of war!

The infants who remain orphans
in a crowded, yet lonely world.
The widows who never again dream of happiness.
The parents who will never see smiles on their children’s faces anymore.

The Gory War…

The turning of brother against brother,
the throwing of daggers at each other by friends, when one is not on guard.
The betrayal by silence when one of the defence fighters lies not moving.
The prayers for the war to stop,
which seem to ricochet before they reach their destination.
The War!


Why Did You Have to Leave


I used to lie on your bedside,
Now I cry on your graveyard
They told me you went to a holy place
And that’s where you are only safe.

 I asked if I could come visit you,
They said you’ll come in my dreams,
I need you mom, you’re my only peace
Why did you have to leave?

 Remember our dream?
 I wanted you to be in the front row sit when I graduate,
You told me that you would be, but now why did you leave?

 I grieved for your death, but I still couldn’t heal,
It has been a long while since you left and
Pains like it was yesterday I still feel.
Why did you have to leave?

 You said I should read a bible everyday because,
That’s the way to live.
 You said that you’ll always be with me if I stay a good child,
But now you are not here, did I do something wrong Mom?

 I’m sorry if I once bought you tears.
I was young and immature;
I promise I would do anything to see you smile,
I withhold my tears and act strong in public,
However mom, I’m immersed with fears.
Why did you have to leave?

 I cry gazing at your photos,
Missing: the smile that made me bright,
The hug that detained the mothers love,
The warmth of your presence as well as
The voice that made me laugh out loud.
Why did you have to leave?

I Have Travelled!


I have travelled in many roads, roads full of sorrow, roads full of joy.
I have seen the worst; babies abandoned by their own parents,
but then again, I have seen the best; parents devotedly raising their infants.

I have been there:
The place of gold and success,
the place of dust and failure!
I have seen it all: blood, tears as well as ecstasy

I have been through hell on my way to heaven.
I have made noise that teaches.
I have evaded the nastiest preaches

Thus through all the tears I’ve shed
and through all the laughter’s I’ve had,
I know that, One day I will be free from all the torments and the joys,
One day I will have to meet with either the Devil or the God.