In My Dreams

In My Dreams:

I am a fearless man,
a warrior who thrives and thirsts for war.
I am wiser and much more foolish.

In my dreams:

Love is rather clairvoyant, yet so blind,
it’s sharper than the Shakespearian daggers;
it cuts through the soul and brightens the dull mood.
Only in my dreams, love is evil, yet so kind.

Life is not just about dreaming,
there is more to it than just winning,
Yes, In my dreams:
People never pretend,
a stranger is friendlier than a friend.

I see life for what it really is:
confusing and unfair;
Filled with enthusiasm and despair.
I see the inner motives of people;
some good and some bad.

Yes…Only In My Dreams.



I Have Travelled!


I have travelled in many roads, roads full of sorrow, roads full of joy.
I have seen the worst; babies abandoned by their own parents,
but then again, I have seen the best; parents devotedly raising their infants.

I have been there:
The place of gold and success,
the place of dust and failure!
I have seen it all: blood, tears as well as ecstasy

I have been through hell on my way to heaven.
I have made noise that teaches.
I have evaded the nastiest preaches

Thus through all the tears I’ve shed
and through all the laughter’s I’ve had,
I know that, One day I will be free from all the torments and the joys,
One day I will have to meet with either the Devil or the God.