In My Dreams

In My Dreams:

I am a fearless man,
a warrior who thrives and thirsts for war.
I am wiser and much more foolish.

In my dreams:

Love is rather clairvoyant, yet so blind,
it’s sharper than the Shakespearian daggers;
it cuts through the soul and brightens the dull mood.
Only in my dreams, love is evil, yet so kind.

Life is not just about dreaming,
there is more to it than just winning,
Yes, In my dreams:
People never pretend,
a stranger is friendlier than a friend.

I see life for what it really is:
confusing and unfair;
Filled with enthusiasm and despair.
I see the inner motives of people;
some good and some bad.

Yes…Only In My Dreams.



People Desensitise You

love_and_hate_by_elzecho-d5yfb2jThe different people we meet and stay with desensitise us! I am quite convinced that we were all born loving. But where does the hatred and bitterness come from? Surely it’s the people around us; They bend us whilst we are still green and fail to make us straight when we have already turned brown: it all takes just one mistake and then we break and never again able to mend the broken pieces, we are forever broken. It’s a vicious cycle, my generation will pass on the baton to the next, as human beings, we are stuck with this odium.

They say a priest doesn’t give birth to a priest: this is clear indication that you don’t become a thug because your parent is a thug, our parents’ state doesn’t align our brains, except what aligns our brains and actions is the way we were all raised, the way they spoke to us and their attitudes towards raising us.

I once read about Hitler, the villain. Apparently he was a dedicated kid growing up and his dad had a managerial position at work and he was always blowing his own trumpet about it, he was pompous, even to his son, Adolph Hitler. He applied pressure on young Hitler, he subliminally made him a monster and broke his heart until he was heartless. Guard how you talk and what you say to your young ones. Children’s hearts and brains are fragile and they easily adapt to a habit.

You may think you are making them quit bad habits or improve by comparing them to someone they know. Let me tell you this: you are actually breaking them. You are making them hostile. You are making them suicidal. I think a number of suicides committed are because of parents who never praise, but belittle their children, parents who paint ‘failure’ as the dead-end. Your child will be beaten by depression and anxiety: What will they say of my failure? They’ll tell me I should have been like my cousin. They will compare me to every good character and break mine. No! they won’t encourage me and console me that, things will be fine. They will thrash me internally, my emotions are already bleeding, and right now I would prefer rather a physical hiding than a verbal whip.   I know someone and I once read about teenagers whom committed suicide because they failed the 12th grade.

Be careful what you say, it might end a life or enhance the desire to end a life, whether figuratively or literally.