The Customer is Always Right

Rule cust

A lot of my associates and friends graduated this year, and I am still a struggling Law student dying to finally graduate; partially also because I work for a retail company, where even when a customer is very wrong – and sometimes idiotic and perhaps purposefully silly – he is presumed to be right and the contrary is not to be proven.

“Sorry, sir.  You can only get a coupon for six items, not ten.”
“Because it’s…”
“I’ve been a client for more than ten years!  You can’t tell me that!” He exclaimed before I could answer him.
“Go get me the manager!”

It feels like a nightmare – or is it perhaps a day-mare? – That my first official job would be so vexing and more than often make me wish I was jobless.  I deal with retail customers which means I have to smirk at everything they say; funny or not, and sometimes I am compelled to agree and understand things that I, on any normal day, would find utterly nonsensical.

I don’t know if all this is Karma, or perhaps an eye-opener, but what frets me more is whether I have been an unwise customer myself and the retailers have never told me so  because of the old clichéd adage; ‘The Customer is Always Right.’  But even I (in my capacity as a customer) don’t like this maxim.  It feels more like what Donald Trump and Jacob Zuma would say after buying wrong items; like taking a size 9 instead of a size 6, or a recipe book instead of bed time stories.  Believe me, it happens sometimes.

They say God works in mysterious ways. And maybe he really does.  I was almost certain that I want to tell the customers that; no they are not right, and that their jokes are really not funny and that I do not appreciate their small talk, and that I don’t mind being taught, but I do mind being belittled and patronised.  But then I received a phone call from Mr. Beks.  He reminded me of appreciation and how we all have to start somewhere, and how lucky I am to be earning an income, which is much more than what I did not earn; and right then, I realised I needed these customers, for without them I would be jobless.  So yes, I will laugh at their unwitty jokes.  I will yield to the demeaning talks, and I will accept the injudicious orders; like getting separate checkout trolleys, one brought specifically for food and another one for toiletries.  Anyhoo, you know what they say; the customer is always right.